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Never lose a Penney with IULs

Tax Code 7702-A

Tax Code 7702-A offers significant benefits for retirement accounts, particularly life insurance policies structured for long-term savings. This provision allows for tax-deferred growth within the policy, meaning that any interest, dividends, or capital gains earned within the account are not subject to taxation until they are withdrawn. This tax-deferral feature enables individuals to maximize the growth potential of their retirement savings by reinvesting earnings without the burden of immediate taxes.

Leveraging Index Accounts

IUL Index Graph

Indexing in life insurance involves allocating a portion of premiums to indexed accounts linked to stock market indexes like the S&P 500. These accounts offer potential gains based on market performance, with a participation rate determining how much of the gains you receive. There may be limits on gains (caps) and protections against losses (floors). Gains are typically credited periodically, and there are often guarantees to safeguard against losses. Additionally, the cash value growth is usually tax-deferred, providing potential tax benefits

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