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About Raz

During my CrossFit journey competitions I had an epiphany that you have to utilize your mindset to overcome your obstacles. Not only is this true in fitness applications but applying this paradigm to daily life to overcome life's obstacles as well. It has been a personal goal to equip people with the right mind and skills for overcoming their obstacles. Mind Over Matter is focused on replacing paradigms to embrace their full potential transforming individuals and groups lives from the inside out.

Mind Over Future

At Mind Over Matter, our vision is to help everyone achieve financial stability and personal well-being. We aim to change the way people think about money, guiding them toward lasting financial independence. We also focus on improving daily mindsets and health habits to promote overall growth and wellness. With innovative strategies and personalized guidance, Mind Over Matter empowers you to take control of your financial future and lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. Join us to redefine what's possible and unlock your true potential.


What is life coaching, and how can it benefit me?

Life coaching is a collaborative and goal-oriented process that empowers individuals to unlock their potential and achieve their desired outcomes. Through a series of structured sessions, our experienced life coaches will work closely with you to identify your goals, address obstacles, and develop actionable strategies for success. Whether you seek personal growth, career advancement, better relationships, or improved well-being, life coaching can provide you with valuable tools and insights to overcome challenges and lead a more fulfilling life.

How long does a typical coaching program last, and how often are sessions scheduled?

The duration of a coaching program and the frequency of sessions can vary depending on your specific needs and goals. In general, coaching programs typically last anywhere from three to six months, with sessions conducted weekly or bi-weekly. This schedule allows for consistent progress and support. However, our coaching is flexible and can be tailored to your preferences and requirements. Your coach will work with you to create a personalized coaching plan that aligns with your timeline and objectives.

Is life coaching only for individuals, or do you offer services for groups or organizations as well?

While our primary focus is on individual coaching, we also provide group coaching and workshops tailored to the unique needs of teams and organizations. Group coaching can be a valuable resource for enhancing team dynamics, communication, and leadership skills. If you're interested in group or organizational coaching, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and we'll be happy to design a program that meets your objectives.

How do IULs not participate in market losses?

Through IULs you money will see annual return rates based on market returns however not market losses. This is due the life insurance companies placing your money in a 'general account' leaving your money alone and investing the companies money in the market. However the trade off is a cap % rate and a zero floor rate.

Why are there no taxes for IUL vehicles

Due to a tax code 7702 the proceeds of policies that do not meet the government's definition are taxable as ordinary income. Proceeds from genuine life insurance contracts (Ex. IUL) are tax-advantaged. Section 7702 applies only to life insurance contracts issued after the year 1984